Inspiration / Motivation


I still remember the first photographer who inspired me to follow my dream of pet photography. Illona is the photographer of Scruffy Dog Photography and if you have never seen her work I urge you to visit her website. You will not be disappointed! Her work is absolutely beautiful and she has so much to look at on her page. She is a master of using natural light as well as the beauty in her surroundings. Even to this date I find myself admiring her work and appreciating her skills. To me she does a great job balancing her editing so it doesn’t look over processed but still displays great skill. Another part of Scruffy Dog Photography that I loved was that she exclusively did pet photography and was successful at it. This simple fact was motivation for me to do what I love and stick to it. Her final vision in her work seemed along the same lines of mine which made it even more inspiring. Everyone needs someone or something to look up to, and Illona was the first pet photographer who caught my eye with a style that i loved.

If you are looking at working on your photography skills and enjoy pet photography I suggest you check out Charlotte Reeves. I stumbled across her on Instagram where she has a page called learnpetphotography where she posts extremely helpful  tips for improving your skills. I actually still cannot believe she provides this all free of charge! Not only is she knowledgable, her work is breathtaking. I found out she offers so much more through her actual website Learn Pet Photography and I hope to take advantage of this resource soon.

You may be surprised to hear that another photographer who I admire is not a pet photographer at all. Her name is Nicole and she is the unbelievably talented photographer of Nicole Ashley Photography I actually know her originally from a past job where we both worked. She is a perfect example of someone who knew what she wanted and worked her butt off to get there. In a very short time she became very well known and grabbed people’s attention with her work. Watching someone enter the photography business and do so well doing what she loves is of course inspiring for someone in my shoes. She also is super nice and has not let her success change her. I am so happy for her and hope she continues to dominate the photography world. Oh, she also shoots with Canon gear so that is extra bonus points ha ha!

I really enjoy making flower crowns and using them for sessions. I find it fun and love seeing clients smile and occasionally giggle at the sight of their dogs wearing them. In my opinion there is one lady who is hands down the master of flower crowns and uses them for such a good cause. Her name is Sophie Gamand and she is the woman behind Flower Power  which features Pit bulls who are all in shelters waiting to be adopted. Her work is more than just photography, it is truly art. I am always in awe of her work and love following her on Instagram. She is a huge advocate for Pit Bulls and rescue dogs in general. The world needs more people like Sophie.