As a photographer, you always have your preferred style of shooting. One that you love and  you feel showcases your skills the best. Dave and I are only now truly discovering ours even after years of work and thousands of pictures to look back on. We love creating stunning portrait images. We draw the viewer in by focusing on the dog’s eyes. We carefully select backgrounds based on colour and texture. Quirky little traits and personality show in the final image. Bold colours make the image stand out. We strive to get that perfect shot where your dog is looking directly into our eyes through the camera. That is when it all comes together for a split second of true perfection that we capture for a lifetime.

Since discovering our passion for Portrait style photography, we began offering portrait specific sessions. They are shorter than our regular sessions and more affordable. They provide clients with 4 final images that capture their dog beautifully. More details on these sessions can be found HERE as well as information on the other wonderful sessions we offer. Below you will find examples of some of our favorite portraits we have taken.

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