Working with a client to capture photos for a special occasion is very rewarding. Pete’s Mom wanted to book a session to celebrate one year since she adopted him. Sadly Pete did not have a good life prior to being rescued. Pete was dropped off at Old MacDonald Kennels & Animal Services in a box in the Summer of 2015. He was adopted out to someone who sadly chose to neglect him. The rescue went and took Pete back into their care. By then he was severely underweight at only 4 lbs. He had a dislocated leg that was not treated and stuck out to the side. His left eye was basically dead from an untreated infection. He was shaved down and had clothes left on him 24/7 resulting in raw infected skin. His teeth were also rotting. The rescue had a really difficult choice of possibly putting him down but saw how special of boy he was and paid for his vet bills out of their own pockets. Shortly after Pete’s Mom saw him for the first time on facebook and adopted him. He is now a healthy 8lbs, his leg no longer sticks out sideways, and has a big fluffy coat of fur. After meeting Pete and his Mom in person I am so happy that She found him. He is loved by so many (he even had a few of his fans tag along for his session!) and finally being cared for and spoiled like all dogs should be.
We are so happy we got to be part of your 1 year adoption anniversary Pete!


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